In the rushed pace of the modern world, I notice many people "pushing" their days from task to task, sacrificing JOY to deadlines - getting the estimate to the client, taking the dog to the vet, making the town hall meeting, ushering the kids to school then soccer practice and dance class and time with Grandma and Grandpa... hopelessly tread-milling, day after day driven by an endless task list. Although getting through a daily list feels somewhat gratifying, I hear about so much anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, and sometimes diagnosable depression. So, what is missing; what can be done differently?

When it appears that Life cannot be done differently, it is very common to feel imprisoned by the very life you desperately want - that you worked so hard to create! Because after all you have to work at the particular job, have certain kinds of friends, live an approved life-style, shuffle the kids to every growth-promoting opportunity; or, well, maybe not. Maybe you do have a choice about how you live, even in the modern world, and your choice can be a full life with JOY.    

Spiritual Counseling is your path to a life balanced in Body, Mind and Spirit - balance in caring for your Body, allowing peace to Be your Mind, and nurturing your Spirit.  

It works like this... Let's say a woman wakes many mornings feeling unenthusiastic about going to work. She doesn't love her job, but its not the worst job either. Day after day she goes to work, performs well, and counts time until its the weekend. At some point, she notices she's gained excess weight and this frustrates her. She goes to the doctor and finds out her cholesterol and blood pressure are elevated. When the doctor asks her about her weight gain, she realizes she's been eating more than she used to; sitting nightly in front of the television mindlessly munching.  

In a situation like this, the doctor might prescribe medication for the physical issues and encourage the woman to exercise. But would these remedies heal the woman holistically, in her Body-Mind-Spirit?  No.

For this woman to have a complete and holistic healing her physical issues - the Body aspect, need to be addressed along with her Mind and her Spirit. At Awakening JOY Ministries this means partnering with the woman using Spiritual Counseling to cultivate her relationship with her Inner Wisdom and empower her to trust It's gentle knowing guidance.

In Spiritual Counseling, you connect with your Inner Wisdom while in peace and deep relaxation. When your body is at ease and feeling safe and your mind has let go of worrying about the past or the future, you connect with the  ever-present knowing of your Inner Wisdom. People experience Inner Wisdom communicating with them in many ways. Some receive images and pictures, others feel sensations in their heart and body, sometimes the communication is verbal like having a conversation within yourself. As you use Spiritual Counseling to build a relationship with your Inner Wisdom, you become familiar with how It communicates with you and you receive more and more guidance. You learn to trust that you will receive guidance and that you can count on this guidance to lead you to JOY in every area of your life - your health, relationships, career, creativity, finances, and more... Awesome!    

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