My husband is not concerned about the crumbs he leaves on the counter-top when he is in the kitchen, doing anything. I, on the other hand, care a great deal about those insignificant morsels of toast, or those fragments of cheese, and wait, the daily trail of coffee grounds winding from the freezer to the coffeemaker, well, I am often way too concerned about them.

So, what can do I - What is within my power to do? I can SAG it. What? Yes, I can S-A-G it and use this seemingly insignificant and very mundane event to grow in my spirituality and into deeper love with my husband. I'll explain.

S - is for SELFLESSNESS. I incline my heart and my focus to my husband. This means, I take myself off center-stage. I surrender the idea that its all about me - what I want to be happening - and I incline my heart to my husband and his happiness.

A - is for ACTION. Here, my heart's inclination takes form, it becomes concrete. I take an action that bespeaks of my selfless heart.

G - is for GRACE. Grace is what supports the shift that occurs in me to feel safe enough to take myself off center stage. Some might call Grace their Higher Power, or Shiva, Buddha, God or Source. No matter the name, Grace is my faith that my husband and I came together to share in the Heart of Love, to be part of God.

Seeing the coffee grounds this morning, I "S" and open my heart to this perspective - My husband is in a hurry to get out of the house, to get to work, to share in supporting our family. How loving of him.

Then I "A" and wipe those lovely little coffee grounds off the counter-top. Because really, how much time does this take? Not more than one minute.

I do this for "G," for the Grace that brought us together. I waited years for my husband and those coffee grounds to be on the counter-top. If there were no grounds, there might be no him. What a blessing then those coffee grounds are. A daily reminder that my husband is my heart and together we are growing into knowing what Love truly is. And to me, when I understand what Love is, I will know the living God, my Grace.

Oodles of Blessings to You in SAGging it your way today!